Ebola Decontamination Hourly Rates

Hourly Rate – One Certified Foreman: $395.00

Hourly Rate –  One Certified Safety Officer: $345.00

Hourly Rate –  One Certified Technician: $315.00

Hourly Rate –  One Communication Expert – $195.00

Time begins when crew leaves shop. Job set-up and preparation: $2995.00

Disposal Charges

Biohazard sealed containers each(Poly Barrel): $3,400.00 (includes Stericycle Pricing on Disposal)

Misc. Bio-waste: (minimum charge of 40lbs): $10 per 1 Lbs.

Supplies (Flat Rate): $2500.00

Report Preparation: $1250.00 (does not include post-testing)

Equipment: $2500.00 Flat Fee

Level-A PPE Suit: $1200.00 per suit + $90 per Air Tank switch

Level-C PPE Suit(High): $250.00 per suit

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