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New Jersey Murder Clean Up

New Jersey Crime CleanupCrimes come in many shapes and sizes, still, no one is ever prepared to learn that a loved one, friend or neighbor has been the victim of a homicide, mass murder or violent crime. The news of a traumatic event that hits home is shocking and horrific and fills you with both sadness and anger. As you process the event, you find that many things have to be taken care of in the aftermath of a crime or trauma, things that you never thought you would have to be responsible for. Read Full Post

Blood Cleanup New York City

NYC lood CleanupHuman Blood is a complex and beautiful thing. It courses through our bodies enabling and preserving life. When blood leaves the body due to an accident or trauma blood can become a Safety Hazard for those who have unprotected contact with dried or liquid blood. It is officially considered to be a Biohazard Material because of the potentially infectious components. Bio Recovery is Certified to Safely Handle Blood at the trauma scene. We carry a Blood Born Pathogens Certificate in New York City. Our technicians understand the risks associated with handling Biohazard Substances. Read Full Post

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