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Ebola Virus Decontamination Services

Ebola DecontaminationBio Recovery now provides Ebola Decontamination Services. Should the need EVER occur, trust our company to provide the proper protocols, expertise and equipment to properly eradicate Ebola from a property or business. We will work closely with local government bodies and the CDC to properly clean and disinfect any residual Ebola from a Quarantined Hot Zone. For more information about this service, please contact our Headquarters directly at 1-800-556-0621.

Do you have a property possibly contaminated with the Ebola Virus in the U.S.? Your first call should be Bio Recovery. Our certified and professional Biohazard Cleanup team has already safely decontaminated the Ebola Virus in New York and we have government approved Ebola Decontamination Procedures, which also include our cleanup technicians be medically monitored and quarantined after the sanitation process has been completed, for extra precaution. If an area with the Ebola Virus present is not decontaminated, this deadly virus will spread.

Ebola Decontamination Experience

The dangers of Ebola are so severe that local, state and county government organizations and the CDC will be involved. Bio Recovery has already been through the process of decontaminating the apartment of the first Ebola patient in New York, Dr. Craig Spencer, who lived and returned back to his apartment after our Ebola Decontamination Procedures were complete.

When public safety is at risk and lives are at stake the media swarms. Good and bad press are everywhere but the fact remains that no one else has been infected with the Ebola Virus in that apartment and the areas which we took extreme precaution to sanitize. Our experience with the Ebola Virus, and previous successful eradication of this deadly virus, ensures that we are reliable, and qualified to uphold, and even surpass, the level of sanitation required.

Learn About Ebola

Ebola, also referred to as Ebola Hemorrhagic Fever or EVD is an illness first reported as of 1976. It is the result of cross-species transmission discovered in Congo, near the Ebola River. West Africa is plagued with the Ebola Virus and there it kills thousands each year.

Ebola Virus Symptoms

Signs of the Ebola Virus Infection develop suddenly; fever, headaches, skin rashes, and as the virus progresses the symptoms intensify with nausea, vomiting, trouble breathing, diarrhea, organ failure and can advance into internal and external bleeding. Medical monitoring, quarantining and fluid intake is needed for anyone infected to have a chance at surviving the high rate of fatality.

Ebola Transmission

Ebola is spread by direct connection with a person or surface that has been in contact with anyone showing symptoms of the virus, in America. The harmful Ebola virus is present in the blood, body fluids, mucus or any other type of internal secretions of an infected person and males have the possibility of transmitting it sexually for as long as 7 weeks after recovery. Ebola can also be spread through contact with the deceased.

Ebola Containment Process

Ebola Cleaning Suits Level A PPEThe containment of a deadly communicable disease, such as Ebola comes down to a science. The pathogen present determines exactly what tools, chemicals and equipment our biohazard professionals use. Bio Recovery has a precise protocol set in place for sanitizing areas thought to be contaminated with Ebola and are overcautious as we eradicate any traces of the deadly virus. Regardless of your location, Bio Recovery can kill the deadly Ebola virus and restore the environment back to safety.

State level government bodies are already preparing for worst case scenarios and are placing our company on an emergency contract, should the Ebola virus infiltrate into their state.

Trust Bio Recovery to provide your state or county with our expertise in decontamination and containment of such a deadly virus, so that it does not spread more by insufficient cleaning and protocols.

We will work with you every step of the way.

Quarantining and containment, to post cleaning Medical Monitoring of our technicians and staff to ensure that this virus does not outbreak into our Nation as it has plagued African Nations.

Concerned about Ebola?

While this is a deadly disease, it is hard to transmit. Knowledge above all will protect you and your family.

Bio Recovery has created a site specifically to inform the public about Ebola.

As wide spread as this disease is in Africa has minimal foot print in the United States at the moment. As the disease spreads and grows there will be more cases in the US and it is super imperative that State and Local governments handle every case with proper quarantine and cleaning. If not, this disease WILL spread. Every case should be cleaned with over qualified and over protected technicians, which should be properly monitored by medical staff after a clean up.

Bio Recovery is passionate about doing our part to Eliminating the Threat of Ebola, contact us – 24/7/365 – if you suspect Ebola has found its way back into America at 1-888-752-5001.

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