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Bio Recovery has been in the crime scene clean up business for more than 15 years. Since we started, we are able to help many families, businesses and communities in times of need. We offer a wide range of services throughout the entire state of Georgia. We are known of our top class services including crime scene clean up, trauma clean up, asbestos abatement, hoarding recovery, mold/water remediation and hazardous waste removal and disposal. We are a dedicated Crime Scene Clean Up company in Georgia that has a proven track record. We are duly licensed to perform proper clean up process. Our crime scene cleaners are trained to handle all types of clean up including the delicate meth lab clean up, which many property owners avail for properties that was previously used as a meth lab where hazardous chemicals were stored.

Below is a full list of services that Bio Recovery provides within the state of Georgia, local state laws and helpful links to several professionals that can help pay for services performed. These professionals can range from Mental Health professionals to Crime Victim Associations.


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Determine Your Own Needs

When you are caught in a situation where you need crime scene cleaners in your place, you have the tendency to act quickly. In most cases, people tend to get the first company that offer such services. This should not be the case. Though you have urgent needs for their services, you have to evaluate whether the company is the best one for you.

To do this, it is necessary to determine your own needs. What kinds of clean up service do you need? For example, if you need meth lab clean up services to remove the biohazardous substances from your house, then you need to find companies that offer or experts in this kind of services.

Also, before you contact any crime scene clean up company, you have to set a budget for the services. These services do not come cheap, unlike ordinary house cleaning services. However, there are insurance coverage that covers crime scene clean up. Hence, you have to check with your insurance company. Also, homeowners association sometimes help pay for the services rendered.

Relocating may be necessary in some instances. For meth lab clean up, it might be necessary to move to a temporary place to spend a few days while the cleaners perform their job. Meth lab clean up may take days depending on the amount of substances that accumulate in the house for months or years.

Get the Best Clean Up Company

Set some requirements when choosing to hire a company to get the meth lab clean up done effectively. This will help your search go smooth and efficient.

First, you have to check the permits and necessary licenses of the company to provide the services that you need. It is important that the crime scene cleaners are authorized by governing agencies to carry out the tasks effectively and safely. For example, the company must have the necessary tools and equipment that that are authorized to remove the biohazard from the place in case of meth lab clean up.

Also, choose a company that has been in the industry for many years. It is preferred to hire a company that has served many people in Georgia for many. Always remember that a company that provides poor services does not last long in the industry.

Lastly, you have to check customer reviews for the company you considered hiring. Crime scene cleanup companies, just like other companies, have reviews made by the people they served. You can find these reviews through the internet. Check what people have to say about their experience with the company. Prioritize to hire a company that has excellent customer reviews.

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